New Orleans Saints – NFL Unique Sports & Streetwear

As a garment and shoe designer, I wanted my garments and shoes to have a better sense of sports fashion and style.  The idea of bringing sports and streetwear together for a unique look and feel, is also inviting to women to feel part of the overall concept while still having their personal sense of style.

Forty-five percent of NFL fans are female, and that continues to grow, and the female fan looks not only at the game but the whole stadium experience, and their dress code is a BIG part of that experience.  The female fan sees NFL games as a social environment and an opportunity to show off their NFL personal sense of style.  Weather they are going to an actual game or to a Super Bowl party at a friends house, what they are wearing is important to them, and that’s where we hopes to offer a few NFL logo different ideas and not just the bulky player jersey.

Elgin Edmonds

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