Accessorizing and Transcending NFL Outfits

NFL culture transcended the actual game years ago, and today the game is about so much more than just what happens on the field. So, we dug deep and sat down with many men and women NFL fans to discuss what styles they like.

A New Era of Football Fashion

At last, NFL, the biggest brand in American Sport, and one of the most lucrative and recognized brands in the world, appears to be waking up to the needs of the female football fan.  The latest official NFL collection has very few pink items and, where there is a display of pink, it’s more likely to be part of the breast cancer awareness campaign than any patronizing  pinking of the male versions.  Instead, the new collection has the same shirts, in the same authentic team colors, but cut to fit the female form.  This not only means they look great, but they feel great to wear too.

Fashion Alternatives

Of course, there are alternatives for those who are more interested in fashion than football.  After all, you should not be dictated to by either side.  There are also some quality accessories that steer away from the sportswear look, the New Orleans Saints Custom Logo Rhinestone Slip-On Loafers, designed by Elgin Edmonds, it offers offer a more subtle way to show your support.

Style Statements

You don’t even have to be a football fan to follow the trend.  Sport jerseys have returned to the top of the style agenda; with NFL jerseys in particular emerging as coveted style essentials.  NFL Football fashion is much easier if you don’t have a strong allegiance to a particular team, as this allows you to pick from the huge spectrum of colors available.

The good news is that whether you are a life-long football fan, dedicated to your team, a casual follower of football, or just keen to keep up with the latest fashion trends, the NFL appears to be waking up to what you need.  Female football fashion has finally come of age.  All you have to do now is grab a pair of “New Orleans Saints Custom Logo Rhinestone Slip-On Loafers”, here is the link:

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  • First off congrats on the loafers. Although i haven’t worn them in forever it’s always refreshing to see another brother being creative and getting on the big market. I’m working my way there as well. Keep striving .


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